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New attenders are encouraged to come to Meeting for Worship for at least one year at a Meeting near their home, participate in committee work, and Monthly Meeting for Worship for Business enough times to have a basic understanding of the Quaker decision-making process. Attending a Quaker retreat or residential gathering and reading Quaker literature is also highly recommended.

The interested person submits a letter requesting membership to the clerk of the Meeting when they feel ready. A clearness committee is appointed to help them to explore their reasons for joining. After a positive recommendation from the committee, the new membership is minuted at the next Meeting for business.

Sometimes it does not seem like a Meeting is going out of their way to invite someone to join. This is rarely because they don't think an attender is fitting in. Rather Friends have a tradition of respecting a person's personal spiritual journey while trying not to put pressure on them to join. In an effort not to prosyletize, we often appear uninviting.

If you have been attending a Meeting for at least a year, why not ask your clerk about the application process?

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